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Help Us Rescue Baby Chimpanzees in Peril

Will you donate today to save the next infant chimp from cruelty and bring them to a high-quality sanctuary?

Capturing a baby chimpanzee entails killing its parents and often other adults in their social group. The horrific wildlife trafficking industry has become a critical threat to the existence of Africa’s great apes, all of which are endangered.

In countries without a PASA member wildlife center, chimpanzees who are confiscated from smugglers are often brought to underfunded city zoos or similar government facilities in Africa. These zoos is simply unable to give chimps the quality of care they deserve.

PASA is working to bring confiscated chimps to sanctuaries that will to give them excellent lifelong care. However, exporting and importing chimpanzees is expensive, complicated, and fraught with bureaucratic hurdles.

Infant Chimps Desperately Need You!
The wildlife trafficking industry is booming. Many baby chimpanzees who are confiscated will spend their lives in inadequate government-funded facilities. Will you save them from this fate?

PASA member sanctuaries are willing to give them permanent homes, where they can live in large social groups in huge forest enclosures. But we can only arrange government approvals, permits, and transportation if we have your support.

The next confiscated baby chimp will need you to ensure it goes to a high-quality wildlife center. Please donate now to give them a better life.

Please scroll up to the top of this page to donate to save chimps like Nemley Jr. They desperately need you.

Video credit: video by BBC