Fatou’s Story

Who would help her after she was abandoned on the city streets?

“We found a patas monkey that was kept as a pet and then abandoned. There are no sanctuaries in Senegal. The situation is desperate.

This is from an email PASA received from a compassionate person in Dakar, Senegal, who rescued Fatou, a little monkey in urgent need.

No one knows the conditions Fatou’s owners kept her in – many monkeys in Dakar spend their days tied to the roofs of buses, riding around in smog and traffic and enduring unimaginable stress – or why her owners abandoned her all alone in the middle of the city.

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance’s network of 23 member wildlife rescue centers is the largest in Africa. However, many countries in Africa – such as Senegal – still lack suitable facilities to care for rescued great apes and monkeys, which can make situations like this very difficult.

We reached out to our member organizations in the region and were deeply relieved to get a reply from the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project in the Gambia. While their focus is chimpanzees, they’re caring for two patas monkeys and they generously offered to take care of Fatou as well.

Transportation by car and permits to allow Fatou to travel to a new country were arranged. She arrived at the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project and she’s receiving outstanding care from the experienced staff. Little Fatou is fascinated by the natural surroundings and other monkeys.

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