Rescue and Care for Wildlife

Countless great apes and monkeys are orphaned by bushmeat hunters, kept as illegal pets, or smuggled into the illicit wildlife trade.

As the largest alliance of wildlife centers in Africa, PASA is in a unique position to rescue primates from inhumane and abusive situations and ensure they receive excellent lifelong care.

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How We Help Our Centers

The centers give these animals veterinary treatment and rehabilitation in safe environments that are appropriate to their species where they can form natural social groups.

When possible, the animals are reintroduced to their natural habitats after extensive preparation. When reintroduction is not an option, the wildlife centers’ expert staff provide the animals with lifelong, loving care.

Rescues: PASA enables rescues of primates from cruel situations by making connections with people and organizations worldwide, working with local authorities and our member wildlife centers, and facilitating rescue operations.

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Medical care: PASA distributes veterinary supplies, equipment, and medications that enable wildlife centers to deliver quality health care, rehabilitation and the highest standards of animal welfare for rescued wildlife.

Consultation: PASA’s global veterinary network provides training, expert assistance and specialist services, and emergency care for primates and other wildlife.

Accreditation: PASA assesses and accredits our member wildlife centers to help them provide excellent care and be as effective as possible. Furthermore, PASA accreditation gives centers credibility in the conservation community. We use a system of operational, veterinary, animal welfare, and conservation standards that has become a model for sanctuary accreditation globally.